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Who we are

The Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA) is a federation of state and territory joint councils of teacher professional associations representing over 160 000 teachers, from government and non-government schools within Australia.

Our work provides value to the community, ensuring ongoing support for the profession while developing quality teaching and leadership. Each of these councils represents its professional education member associations. All of these associations are managed and maintained by professional educators. The APTA provides a national voice for Australian teachers from all sectors and all levels of education.

We invite you to download a factsheet that explains our association in more detail. This factsheet also discusses how teaching associations are represented nationally and in each state and Territory.


APTA is committed to operating with good governance practices to ensure transparency, accountability, and responsibility. Our board of directors comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise who bring their experience and insights to guide us in our work. The board is responsible for setting strategic goals, monitoring APTA’s performance, and ensuring that we comply with legal and ethical standards.

APTA has established policies and procedures that guide our operations, including financial management, risk management, and processes for meeting legislative and regulatory requirements. These policies are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that they align with our values and continue to meet the needs of our members..

We invite you to learn more about our governance – including reviewing our constitution and strategic plan – by visiting our governance page.

Professional teacher associations are a vehicle for collaborative professionalism and teacher agency

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