Nominations 2015 APTAs Open

The Australian Professional Teachers Association’s awards acknowledge the exemplary innovation and leadership carried out by individuals and associations who have made outstanding contributions as volunteers to the work undertaken by professional teaching associations.


To assist the APTA Awards Committee, APTA encourages state and territory joint council boards to nominate worthy educators and associations to receive well deserved recognition for their outstanding service to professional teaching associations and the professional standing of teachers in Australia.


There are six APTA awards categories. For the information about the award and the nomination form click on the link/s below.


The Dorothy Hoddinott Medal For Outstanding Lifetime Achievement


Early Career Teachers' Award


Award for Meritorious Contribution to the Profession


Award for Exceptional Services to APTA


Innovative Association Award


Media Award

Awards Timeline

2 December 2015:           Nominations information available

4 March 2016:                   Nominations close

9 March 2016:                   Awards selection completed

11 March 2016:                 Successful nominees contacted

8 April 2016:                      Awards conferred


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The Dorothy Hoddinott Medal For Outstanding Lifetime Achievement (One Award)

  1. Wide recognition as an innovative leader of high quality professional learning and engagement whose impact has directly influenced the work of teachers and improved student learning
  2. Sustained contribution to the teaching profession through significant, exemplary involvement in professional teaching associations at local, national and international levels
  3. Sustained advocacy and influence at a local, national and international levels promoting the professional status of teachers.

   2015 Dorothy Hoddinott Medal Nomination Form

Early Career Teachers' Award (One Award)

  1. The teacher is in their first five years of teaching
  2. The teacher is a member of a joint council member professional teaching association
  3. The teacher is an advocate for and promotes professional teaching association
  4. The teacher is actively supports the objectives and purposes of professional teaching associations in the professional work of teachers
  5. The teacher works collaboratively with teachers to identify professional needs, plan, implement and evaluate professional learning of teachers
  6. The teacher has made an outstanding contribution to professional teaching associations and builds productive links with the wider community.

 2015 Early Career Teacher Award Nomination Form

Award for Meritorious Contribution to the Profession (Up to 8 Awards)

  1. Contribution to the professional standing of teachers through involvement in high quality activities that highlight the work of professional teaching associations;
  2. Acted as a mentor and facilitator for colleagues in promoting and leading high quality professional learning activities and those carried out by the professional teaching associations;
  3. Actively support the objectives and purposes of professional teaching associations in the professional work of teachers;
  4. Made a significant impact on the work of teachers through their ability to creatively implement change through professional learning;
  5. Contributing in building capacity and sustainability of professional teaching associations.

2015 Meritorious Contribution Award Nomination Form

Award for Exceptional Services to APTA

This award is presented to an APTA member who has made an outstanding contribution in furthering the Objects of the APTA Board.

2015 Exceptional Service to APTA Award

Innovative Association Award (Up to 3 Awards)

  1. Must be a financial member association of a state or territory joint council or an affiliate member of APTA
  2. Innovatively supports the vision and priorities of APTA in professional learning
  3. Developing productive and strategic partnerships with key stakeholders
  4. Demonstrated leadership in innovative practices that provide high quality support to their members
  5. Exemplary practices in governance of the association
  6. Research relevant to classroom practice

2015 Innovative Association Award Nomination Form

Media Award (One Award)

During the period between 1 November 2014 and 31 December 2015.

The award recognise excellence in the reporting of educational issues to the public through the media. Entries must have national significance.

The criteria for the award:         

  1. Newsworthiness (public relevance and interest at the time of publication)
  2. Breadth and depth of research, investigation and analysis
  3. Effectiveness of techniques and communication
  4. Evidence of impact on policy makers, teachers and the public
  5. Originality and innovation
  6. Ethical reporting

Please note: Entries will require the submission of a single reporting work or up to three pieces relating to the same matter.

2015 Media Award Nomination Form




Understanding Financial Reports of Not-For-Profits

CPA Australia releases much-needed guide 


To help users gain a better understanding of not-for-profit (NFP) financial reporting, CPA Australia has developed a free online publication A guide to understanding the financial report of not-for-profit entities

This guide provides different users, who are not experts in accounting, with some useful tools and pointers to make sense of the information that is contained within NFP financial reports. 

Some of the key features that will benefit users reading the guide are: 

 An outline of the important elements of NFP financial statements 

 The use of an fictitious example to illustrate some important aspects of NFP financial statements 

 An overview of audits and reviews of NFP financial statements 

 A simple glossary of terminology used in NFP financial reports.

The guide is very much about enhancing the understanding of not-for-profits and the financial metrics they prepare and present. It can be used by members, donors, funding providers, as well as management and staff of not-for-profits. 

Download CPA Australia’s publication, A guide to understanding the financial reports of not-for-profit entities here.