Strategic Plan 2022 – 2024

APTA is pleased to present our updated Strategic Plan. This plan was developed by the APTA executive and board based on an evaluation of our 2019-2021 plan. We are pleased to report that APTA made strong progress since 2019, and our strategic plan has been updated to guide our future growth. We believe our vision and values continue to guide our work and that our strategic pillars provide a relevant framework for developing our goals.

Our updated strategic plan will continue to guide our work, ensuring that the board has a clear vision for improvement. An operational plan is being developed to guide the work of the board. You can view our updated strategic plan here


To provide national leadership that supports and advances the teaching profession




Future Focused

Goal 1

Combining efforts and expertise to produce greater effectiveness

Goal 2

Speaking out and acting to ensure interests are taken into account

Goal 3

Visionary thinking to achieve positive change

 Strategy 1.1: Sharing of successful strategies of joint councils through communication
channels and networking

Strategy 1.2: Collaborating with kindred organisations and bodies

Strategy 1.3: Drawing on a broad range of expertise

Strategy 2.1: Communicating a coherent and consistently understood identity of APTA

Strategy 2.2: Promoting the role of professional teacher associations and the
importance of specialist expertise in educational decision making

Strategy 2.3: Influencing federal government and its agencies in policy development and initiatives

Strategy 3.1: Organising professional learning of benefit to our members

Strategy 3.2: Sharing information on education trends, policies, programs and research of interest to our members

Strategy 3.3: Anticipating future directions and creating opportunities for joint councils and teacher associations

Strategic Pillar 1


Strategic Pillar 2


Strategic Pillar 3


GOVERNANCE – Best practice governance embedded within all aspects of the organisational structure

CAPACITY Sustainable finances achieved through clearly defined goals

CAPABILITY A well developed and effective team of Board members