APTA is committed to operating with good governance practices to ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical behaviour as we work to meet the needs of our members. Our board of directors comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in associations who bring their experience and insights to guide us in our work. They are responsible for setting strategic goals, monitoring our performance, and ensuring that we comply with legal and ethical standards.

We also have established policies and procedures that guide our operations, including financial management and risk management to meet all legislative and regulatory requirements. These policies are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that they align with our mission and values.

In addition, we are committed to transparency and regularly communicate with our stakeholders, including members, stakeholders, policy makers, and the public, through various channels such as our website and biennial newsletters. We also encourage feedback from our stakeholders and use it to continuously improve our operations.

Overall, APTA operates with integrity, accountability, and transparency, and we are committed to upholding these principles to achieve our mission and create a positive impact for teaching associations across Australia.

Our constitution

APTA updated its constitution in 2019. The document guides our operations and ensures that we work efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of our members.

APTA is incorporated under federal legislation and is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Our members can be reassured that we meet all legislative and regulatory requirements that guarantee good governance.

You can access a copy of our constitution by clicking here.

Our strategic plan

Reflecting the dynamic nature of education in Australia, APTA takes a strategic approach to its work in representing teaching associations to achieve our vision: to provide national leadership that supports and advances the teaching profession. The plan also reflects our core values of empowerment, innovation and a focus on the future.

We have recently updated our Strategic Plan to develop our three core goals aligned to the strategic areas of capability, advocacy and support, with strategies established to allow us to achieve our goals. Underpinning our strategic approach are our values of

Our strategic plan can be accessed here, with examples of how we are achieving our goals evident in our updates.

Click here for our previous strategic plan.

Our board

Our Executive

Members of the APTA Executive Committee are elected for three-year terms. Our current president is Cheryl Brennan from PTC NSW, with her term of office concluding in 2024. Karen Yager was appointed as Vice President in 2022. Karen also represents PTC NSW; under our constitution, the member association who provides our president can appoint a second director. Our current treasurer is Phillipa Greig from JCQTA and the secretary is Steve Hawkins from PTANT.

The APTA executive is responsible for operational management of APTA. The Executive meets once each school term.

Board of Directors

Under our constitution, the strategic direction of APTA is led by our board. Each member association is represented by one director, with an additional director appointed from the member who provides the APTA president.

Each of our board members is highly experienced in the education sector and has considerable knowledge and expertise in the teaching association space. Our board consists of practising teachers, school leaders, university staff and executive officers of major teaching associations.

The 2023 APTA board is:

Jillian Abell – Network of Education Associations Tasmania

Cheryl Brennan – Professional Teachers’ Council NSW

Mary Gallagher – Council of ACT Education Associations

Chris Callus – Professional Teachers Council Western Australia

Phillipa Greig – Joint Council of Queensland Teachers Associations 

Steve Hawkins – Professional Teachers’ Association of the Northern Territory 

Deb Hull – Council of Professional Teaching Associations of Victoria

Miriam Parsons – Educators SA 

Karen Yager – Professional Teachers’ Council NSW

Administrative support

All of our member associations have provided APTA with valuable advice and support, but we are particularly indebted to the Professional Teachers’ Council NSW for provision of administrative support, particularly regarding our newsletter and event management. The Professional Teachers Association of the Northern Territory has also provided additional administrative support.