Invitation to a webinar with Ben Jensen

The Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA) extends an invite to you and your associations to attend an APTAwebinar – 

“Back to the future: the fall and rise of subject teaching in Australian Education”.

Australian education has seen many changes over the years; it feels as though there is always a new policy or reform being announced. Constant change has not resulted in constant improvement in student learning. In fact, it is very hard to draw a line between system reform and student improvement.

The public debate is always about the most recent reform or announcement whereas there is value in taking a longer-term perspective of how education in Australia has changed. There have been important shifts – some intentional and some unintentional – that have fundamentally changed the nature of education policy development and the way we talk about improvement.

This presentation focuses on a key shift that has had – and is having – negative consequences: the removal of subject expertise from the education reform narrative and policy development.

This shift is preventing improvement at every level of the system. But there is a way forward that can change the reform narrative, policy development and system and school improvement.

This presentation discusses shifts in Australian education and offers a way forward to improve teaching and learning of the Australian curriculum. There will be an opportunity for discussion.

Presenter: Ben Jensen – CEO Learning First  (read Ben’s Bio here)
Date: 8 September 2021
Time: 7.30pm
Cost: $30.00
Via: Zoom (link to be emailed prior to the webinar to registered participants)
Target Audience: Board members of professional teacher associations

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