Adobe Connect Professional Learning Sessions for Associations

Adobe Connect Workshop 1 - Introduction to Adobe Connect 23 March 2017, Prue Greene

The Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA) ran an Introductory Adobe Connect workshop to support member associations who wished to use Adobe Connect for meetings and workshops. Prue Greene took participants through some features of Adobe Connect and demonstrated its use. Associations are able to access the recording of the session. Access the recording as a Guest.

Adobe Connect Workshop 2 - Helping great practice become common practice 14 June 2017, Dr Tanya Vaughan

A workshop on the Evidence for Learning Toolkit with Dr Tanya Vaughan was held via Adobe Connect on 14 June 2017. Participants learnt about the toolkit and considered how professional teaching associations could share and use the Evidence For Learning Toolkit. The recording of the session is available for associations. Access the recording as a Guest.